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Lotus Colorado is an independent car club not affiliated with Group Lotus, Lotus Cars USA, Classic Team Lotus, or any of their subsidiaries or affiliates.



Lotus Colorado is famous for its drives over Colorado's best roads. Ranging from a short morning drive to a lunch stop then home, to overnight journeys of >500 miles, we're never quite sure where we are headed next. Our longer drives are usually planned well in advance allowing car and schedule preparation. At least once a year, we do multi-day drives throughout Colorado and other western states, including Utah, New Mexico, Wyoming and even South Dakota, with the emphasis on driving the best Lotus Roads at a

moderate cost.

Disclaimer -  Lotus Colorado serves as a coordinator of events planned and executed by its members. Participation in any Lotus Colorado drive, show or gathering carries with it an acceptance of personal responsibility for anything that may happen while with the group. If you aren't prepared to accept this responsibility and provide your own risk coverage through proper gear, preparation and insurance, please do not participate.

2018 Drives

Impromptu Drive

March 25th 2018

WHO?  Any current LOCO member

WHAT?  Quick drive through Pine Junction, Tarryall Reservoir, Lake George with lunch in Divide or Woodland Park



$$$?  Pay your own way